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“Ski-Test made the waxing so much easier. The obtainable accuracy became pleasingly precise. No doubt that we won more races due to Ski-Test!”

Per Knut AalandPer Knut Aaland, former racing manager for the Norwegian World Cup skiers


Ski-Test is delivered to every ski producers incl. Peltonen. Madshus , Oslo Sportslager and Fischer have all bought three instruments each. Up to date over 170 Ski-Test are sold in Norway only.

  • Bjørn Myhre Sport
  • Finor AS (importer of Fischer-skis)
  • Bull Ski og Kajakk
  • Multiple sports teams in Norway, mosty in Trøndelag
  • The Intersport chain (about 15 devices)
  • Milsluker’n
  • Norway’s Ski Federation
  • The Sport1 chain (about 40 stores)
  • The Stadion chain (about 20 devices)


Ski-Test is sold in Sweden and Norway under the name: Eikermåleren. Ski-Test are used by the Swedish ski team, both in the waxing trailer and at the test centre in Öresund.

In Sweden ski manufacturers as Fischer, Madshus, Rossignol, Atomic and Peltonen are using Eikermåleren to ensure exact ski selection and optimum ski pairing.

Swedish ski stores who are equipped with Eikermåleren:

  • Alewalds Stockholm (also ground pressure wagon)
  • Alewalds Uppsala
  • Allsport Torsby
  • Dalskidan Sälen
  • Intersport Arvika
  • Intersport Falun
  • Intersport Härnösand
  • Intersport Sandviken
  • Intersport Strängnäs
  • JSS Östersund
  • John´s Sport Mora
  • Lindells Örebro
  • Mega Sport Örebro
  • Cykel & Skidservice Umeå
  • Skistar Lindvallen
  • Skistart Älvdalen (also ground pressure wagon)
  • Sportringen Skinnskatteberg
  • Sportshopen Orsa Grönklitt
  • Team Sportia Skellefteå
  • Udéns Göteborg
  • Seppos Skid och Vallaservice Sandviken
  • Snö och Tö Stockholm

Other countries

Delivered to the worlds leading ski nations.

  • Canada, national team
  • China, national team
  • Estland, national team
  • Finland, national team
  • France, Rossignol
  • Germany
  • USA, national team
  • Sweden, national team
  • The Russian Ski Association (Yelana Vaelbe) and the biathlon skiers