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Ski-Test defines the gliding zones on classic and skating skis.

The “Eiker-måler” is an electronic measuring instrument based on the load of the skiers body weight (full/half). Gives you the opportunity for electronically load of skiers body weight with belonging chamber height/rest flex in the measure point. Measurement of the grip and wax zones with the use of the electronically indication of the remaining flex. This is the original ski-test measurement instrument developed for professional skiers and improved through many years. The key to success lies in the Ski-Test. Ski-Test is the global market leader.

  • For advanced evaluation of the correct stiffness in terms of the weight of the skier and marking of grip wax and gliding zones.
  • Adjusted for all ski brands. No preferences to any brand.
  • Measurements of core heights, half, full and rest of flex, grip- and gliding zones.
  • An invaluable remedy for marking and sorting of ski pair into store (what I got, which weight class, for different snow conditions and so on).
  • Requires acknowledge about ski/flex and training of the ski-test instrument (ref instruction video on this web site).
  • Suited for ski stores who sells high volumes of training and high-performance skis.
  • Used by the Norwegian leading ski stores and Norges Ski Forbund on top level.
  • “Eiker-måleren” is used by almost every ski manufacturers and importers.
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