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The market leader

The original Ski-Test (nicknamed Eiker-måleren) was developed ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in 1994 as the first on the market. Since then Ski-Test has been the the market leader for precise measurements of the skis.

Used by several national teams and ski manufacturers

Most of the top nations in cross country skiing in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Estland, Germany, Japan, Canada, USA and France are using Ski-Test. Leading ski developers, among them Fischer and Madshus, plus sport stores and athletes optimizes their results thanks to Ski-Test.

Optimum precision

Ski-Test ensures exact ski selection and optimum ski pairing of identical flex. It’s then easy, according to snow conditions, to wax the accurate length of grip wax. Eiker-måleren ensures exact ski selection and optimum ski pairing with the same flex.